Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have been found guilty of completely neglecting this poor little blog. I haven't posted much lately, even though a million things have been going through my head as potential blog fodder. I just haven't set aside the time to put up a proper post, and I feel terrible about that.

So what's been going on lately? Lots, really! I've traveled the past few weeks, which has been absolutely wonderful! At the end of February, I flew to Denver, CO, to spend the weekend with a dear friend. We had a fabulous time, and the time went so fast! I rode my first light rail, learned how to properly play darts, tried Blue Moon beer (and actually liked it!), gazed longingly at the unbelievable beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and even saw a Linkin Park concert. Anyone who knows me has raised eyebrows right now, as that is just NOT the kind of music I tend to like. But I did!!! I LOVED Linkin Park, and have bought three of their cd's since I returned!

While Colorado was definitely the highlight of my life to date, last weekend I drove with a friend to a wedding in Hutchinson, KS. While that might not seem like a very thrilling drive, it ended up being very nice. We did not take the interstate coming back to KC, but instead had to take a route that included Clay Center, KS. My friend had to view a site for a work project, so we took the scenic route back. And it was beautiful!!! The wheat fields were the most gorgeous golden amber color and we drove through some very nice terrain on back highways, including a little bit of gravel. We even drove along the ORIGINAL US-81, which still isn't paved! We stopped to view the plaque stating that the highway was the original, so I know it was the real deal.

The weather is finally starting to show hints of the return of spring, which is very pleasant. Thoughts are turning to gardening and taking bike rides around the neighborhood. The girls are finally learning to ride, so I look forward to taking rides with them starting this spring. They are pretty excited about it, too!

We are also planning on another house concert next month. We had one last year, and I'm sure I mentioned it on the blog if you've been with me awhile. It's a lot of fun...we clear out everything to set up seating and have live music right there in the living room. It's a wonderful time with friends and live music. Hopefully this year will go as well as last year's performance did. I'd love to have even more people this year, and finally an event set up on Facebook today. At least I didn't wait until the last minute!! :)

I have a new cell phone addiction, as if texting wasn't enough! My friend Sam got me hooked on a game called Words with Friends. It's a lot like Scrabble, and you play on the phone with either friends or random opponents. I LOVE it!!! Nobody around here will play me in Scrabble, but I've found some very tough players on this game and am having a ball - it's a great challenge! If you play Words with Friends, look me up and start a game. My username is JanelleKC.

I guess that's about all I have to report for today. I'm hoping to get back to blogging, but I'm not making any promises. I can't risk taking a chance on disappointing the few people who are still reading this blog. I will definitely try, though!!! Enjoy the weather this week!!!!