Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Disappearance of....Me!

I actually got a phone call today asking me why I hadn't posted in so very long. You know, I can't even answer that. Time has truly gotten away from me this summer. I can't believe that it's almost over and the kids go back in less than two weeks - how sad!!!

I can't say that anything of great consequence has happened over the summer, or that the kids and I accomplished anything at all, really. We've just enjoyed relaxing and spent most of our time at home in the cool. We haven't even done the Kids Bowl Free program this just never happened. I have to say, it has been an extremely nice summer and I've enjoyed just about every minute of it (just don't ask about the broken glasses/almost eye injury/hula hoop incident...really!).

There have been some other not-so-great incidents over the past couple of months, as well. One day I was getting dressed and heard a strange sound other than the rain outside. It was rain INside. Yes, there was a leak in my bedroom ceiling. Turns out we had a broken turbine in the roof. We still haven't assessed all the attic damage because of the extreme heat. I know there is some insulation to be removed and replaced. The day after this, DH was coming home from work and his car just stopped. It ended up needing a new transmission. Let me tell you, June was an EXTREMELY expensive month!! Savings has become almost non-existent after all that!!

The kids have gotten along very well this summer, which is wonderful. And I've introduced my book-loving 10-year-old to the "Trixie Belden" series of books that I adored as a child. She is devouring them just like I did. Thank God for libraries!!!

This is going to be a tough month for me. Not only do my kiddos have to go back to school, but I also have to face the big 4-0. I'm really not excited about that!!! I do have an exciting weekend planned right after my birthday, which should be a lot of fun, but 40 just seems so.....old!! I'm sure it won't be any different than 39, but I still hate the idea. And guess what I get to do on the night of my actual birthday?? It's Parent Orientation Night at the girls' school. Oh, whoopee! I'm so terribly excited about that! I wonder if I'd miss anything if I "accidentally" forgot about it....hmmmmmm.

Other than that, nothing very exciting is happening around here! Hopefully once we get back into a routine around here, I will find myself with more topics for my blog. I definitely need to try and write more! :-)

Enjoy the rest of the summer!!!!!


cassandrasmom said...

I read your blog!!! Sounds like you are having a pretty nice summer, we have been staying at home most of the time too.

kerrynr said...

Of course you were missed, figured though that you were spending time with the children over the summer.
As for turning 40, stop worrying, it is nothing. Been there done that a while back. Just enjoy.

Beth said...

Like I said...glad you are back..maybe you can stop by and pick up that blog award I left for you a few weeks back!
Beth ;)