Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Been a Good Day!

I finally had a positive doctor's appointment today!! I went in for my weekly checkup and she said my incision was healing perfectly, my hemoglobin is stable and increasing, and I have no signs of infection or other serious problems. I've been released to drive and do light cooking and such, but still can't lift more than 5-10 lbs. and cannot do anything strenuous, such as vacuuming or lifting laundry baskets or dishes and the like. It was so nice to leave there feeling like I am actually on the mend!!

I don't have to go back for three weeks unless something bad happens, and I actually went OUT today!!! DH and I went out to lunch - had to use those coupons for free Quizno's subs, ya know! Then we went grocery shopping. I managed the coupons and DH pushed the cart and got the items for me as I pointed them out. It was so nice to feel like a normal person again! And at Hen House, I paid $17.88 for $54.42 worth of groceries. At Price Chopper (which I HATE!), I got $26.29 in groceries for $7.64. I saved 68%...not too bad for being out of the loop for awhile! :)

It was a very fun day, but of course now I'm exhausted. I had a wonderful spinach salad with strawberries, pecans, and poppy seed dressing for dinner, and now I'm ready for bed! I'm going to veg on the couch for the rest of the evening and hope that tomorrow I have another day of "feeling the healing!" (Okay, that was stupid, but that just shows my goofy tired state of

Thanks for asking, Michelle!!!!!


Michelle said...

So glad to hear that you are starting to get up and around! Sounds like a lovely day (and a lovely salad!)


Denise said...

Yeah!!! Hurray for good news!!! Glad you enjoyed your afternoon out. Now I just have to learn your couponing ways!