Sunday, January 3, 2010

Great Deal on Webkinz

It's been one of those days so started out with my son up at 2:15 a.m. not feeling well and moved along to taking him to the local Take Care Clinic along snow-packed roads with snow falling like crazy. Ugh. At least I wasn't being a paranoid mom, though, as his strep test turned positive very quickly. If only they could have gotten me the prescription half as quickly. That. Took. Forever. Seriously - I have been reminded why I only go to CVS for my prescriptions. Walgreens is disorganized, slow, and not very friendly, either. And they LOST my prescription between the Take Care Clinic and the pharmacy. How do you DO that?? But that's another story, and really not even worth discussing! At least we were the first ones in the door at the Take Care Clinic, and would have been in and out very quickly if not for the pharmacy.

While we were at Walgreens, my kids were looking at the toys, and the girls discovered some special packs of Webkinz that had both a regular pet and the Lil Kinz that matched. Considering that most Webkinz I find cost about $14.99, the set for $9.99 seemed like a great deal. After forcing them to sit for almost two hours during Trevor's clinic visit and the ridiculous pharmacy adventure, I told them I'd go ahead and buy them. I'll just pick up an extra mystery shop or two this month to pay for them. :)

At the checkout, I was stunned when the packs rang up at $5.00 and $4.99! They were half-price, along with the Christmas items! Even the cashier was shocked, and said she was going to have to get some at that price. She even called over another associate to share the deal with her. If your kids love Webkinz, you definitely need to head over to Walgreens for this deal. They had some in a sidecap display in the toy area and others in a bin in front of the Christmas merchandise (what was left of it, anyway). I wonder when they will go 75% off? That would be worth another trip to get some for gifts. I plan to go back later in the week just to check!

If you happen to read this and visit your local Wags for some cheap Webkinz (think birthdays, or even Christmas this year), let me know! It's not often that you find them this inexpensively. Happy shopping!


Annie Jones said...

Sorry to hear that Trevor is sick. :(

Our stores are just the opposite here. Walgreens is quick and friendly (and where we always get our prescriptions), while CVS's employees are cold at best to downright rude. I guess it depends on the location.

Hope Trevor feels better soon.

Minda said...

Hope the little one feels better soon.

These would make good Easter basket stuffers too!

heartnsoulcooking said...

Hi Janelle,
I have a Fabulous Award for you come by and visit so you can receive it. Follow the direction and pass it on.