Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I don't know about where you are, but the weather in Kansas City is absolutely GORGEOUS! It's almost too warm, since it's expected to be 80°-82° for the next couple of days. I wouldn't mind it staying in the 70s for awhile, but I'll definitely take this over the snow of a couple weeks ago!

Yesterday I started the task of prepping the garden for spring planting. I was overly ambitious last year and had way too large of an area tilled, and couldn't keep up with the grass re-growing in the entire garden area! So this year, I am cutting back. In the fall, we laid down some newspaper (on part, as we ran out) and mulch over about half of my garden space. Now, I'm moving the fencing to enclose only this part. I'm basically going from 1000 square feet (INSANE!) to about 520. I think this will be much more manageable!

There is still a lot of grass to be pulled, and I have about 15 feet of fencing that needs to be re-buried by trenching the ground and covering the bottom section, but I've started the process, which is a good thing. I think the girls and I will be planting all the seeds tonight so we can have some plants to put in there sometime in May. I'm still not completely decided on what I'm going to grow this year. I will most definitely buy some tomato plants, as I have no luck trying to grow those from seed. I plan to have as many green beans as I can get growing, and some spinach and a couple varieties of lettuce. I also bought some broccoli seeds and will have to grow cucumbers. My family (especially DH) LOVES pickles, so even though I hate them, I will have to make them. lol I do like to eat raw cucumbers, so I get the pre-pickled variety. In fact, I am looking very forward to lots of my favorite sandwich this summer - hummus, spinach, tomato, and cucumber...yum!!!

I am contemplating trying some asparagus. I'm really not sure if I could get it to grow, but I absolutely love it, so it might be worth trying in just a small section of the garden. I think I'm going to skip the squash this year since I'm the only one who eats it and I still have bags of shredded zucchini from last year. I will sit down sometime this week and diagram out what I plan to plant where so I at least have a good idea of how to do things.

I'm very excited about planting some of my seeds from Hometown Seeds. I will try and keep a running account of how well they do on my blog. I love the Survival Seeds pack they sent me and I will be using a lot of their seeds! I'm very happy that gardening season is coming. I hope you find a little happiness in the soil, too! :-)


Annie Jones said...

I'm loving the weather. Anywhere in the 80s, even upper 80s, is perfect for me!

We'll be trying some seeds from Hometown Seeds this year, too. I should be getting mine in a day or two.

Mama H said...

Spring is awesome! I love the idea of a garden, but I am completely overwhelmed by the idea of starting one... I need a book or something with step-by-step directions! Maybe "Gardening for Dummies... LOL

Let's hope this warm weather sticks around for good!