Thursday, September 9, 2010

Did You Know That I'm a Troublemaker??

I was actually mildly surprised to learn this today. And the saddest part about my status as a troublemaker is that the main situation that resulted in this realization was a time when I believed I was being helpful! Go figure!!

A little background on my alleged troublemaking: Our school district recently instituted a policy whereby no homemade treats are allowed during class parties. As you know if you read my blog post yesterday, I made a TON of cookies for a school function. An important point to note is that I specifically read the Official School District Policy on homemade treats. The policy is written to include ONLY treats made for the "classroom." I read it over and over and over again, and I was absolutely certain that this new policy was written for classroom treats. I know this, because that's what it SAYS!

Well, tonight I got lectured. Apparently even though the policy is specific, there is not a single non-packaged treat allowed beyond the school doors! The cookies were allowed to be served, but I was informed I was never to do that again. I would comment on the person doing the reprimand, but I do try to keep my blog family-friendly! ;-)

What's kind of funny about the whole thing is that I got several compliments on my "taboo" cookies. I even had a few scoff at the school policy. One guy told me, "screw it." lol Everyone LIKED my there, awful school policy!!

Yeah, it's fun to cause trouble sometimes. And guess what? I'm good at it!!!! I think I will keep at it....someone has to keep things interesting around here!


Beth said...

Figures that we now have to send only pre-packed high preservative goods now!

You never stop by and enter giveaways anymore...pooey! Stop by and say hi sometime!
Beth @ Two Monkeys & a Washtub

Dawn said...

How strict is your school on allergy policies?

While I think they are WAY out of line for their reaction, it could have something to do with them taking their policies too seriously.

My stepdaughter has a girl in her class with a severe nut allergy. If any home baked goods are brought, an ingredient list (and preferably labels from those ingredients) are REQUIRED to be sent along with the treats.

While a huge hassle, I get the point.

But how RUDE to respond to your massive effort with that attitude!

Annie Jones said...

First, let me say I have always suspected you are a troublemaker!

Second, I think your school's rule is a little over the top. I understand why they might have it in place in the classroom, but not why it covers meetings and such.

So far, our school hasn't implemented a policy against homemade treats. In fact, I think they prefer them, along with cut fresh fruit and veggies, for their (hopefully) higher nutritional value. I always ask at the beginning of the school year whether anyone in the class has allergies to peanuts or whatever.

slugmama said...

When I was involved with my kids' schools I was the 'Rogue' member of the PTA. They would have liked nothing better than for me to not show up....knowing this & being the troublemaker I am, I was always there!lol

Even tho I was snubbed socially by these women(for not having been born and raised here in this small town so I didn't 'belong') I stuck it out for the kids. Being popular with the small and petty was NOT on my agenda, doing for the kids you keep on keepin' on! ;-)

I've seen this type of horse manure before. I bet you inadvertently stepped on someone's toes by baking cookies for the non-classroom meeting/event...thus the verbal dressing down. These PTA divas are very territorial about their positions. It's their way to feel superior over others & it might be their only way to be a big deal in their otherwise unsatisfying lives.

Don't let the turkeys get you down!