Saturday, September 11, 2010

Funny Thing About Blogging

I just realized that it's bedtime and I haven't blogged yet today. I did say I was going to post every day in September, so I figured I had better come up with a topic, and fast! :)

I've been a little bit amused in the past week or so. I'm finally making an effort to actually do something with this long-neglected blog, and yet I've been getting more unsubscription requests than I've seen before now! Isn't that funny? I post on my blog to increase interest and readership, and I'm losing subscribers.

Do people really subscribe to a blog to NOT get posts??? The world is a very strange place, and people never cease to amuse or amaze me. If you're still hanging around and reading my daily bizarre posts, thanks!! I will work harder to start blogging on more interesting topics. If you have any thoughts or ideas, leave a comment!!

That's it...short and sweet tonight. Tomorrow I'm guessing I will be blogging about apples. Stay tuned to find out why......


Annie Jones said...

What is an unsubscribe request? They don't come through blogger, do they? I don't get those, so the only way I have a clue someone has started or quit reading is through my Google Followers' pictures.

Beth said...

I don't know that I've ever seen an unsubscribe must have set something up differently...I'd rather be in denial! I still stop by and read your blog, but I never see you around :( - no guilt trip or anything... :)
Beth @ Two Monkeys & a Washtub