Saturday, January 10, 2009

Menu Changes - for the Better!

I've made minor menu modifications (how's THAT for alliteration???) the past couple of dinners, and they were wonderful!! Last night, I didn't feel like chicken alfredo pizza, so I changed it to barbequed chicken pizza. I made the crust, then spread it with barbeque sauce (adding a little extra honey to satisfy the youngest) and topped it with the chicken and cheese. It would have been better if I'd had the smoked Gouda cheese and some cilantro, but it was still quite yummy!

Then tonight, I added a strange ingredient to my enchiladas that DH and I loved! I had a school meeting last night to prepare for a fund-raiser. At that meeting, we had munchies. I brought home some hot spinach artichoke dip. I mixed it with the chicken and cheese and filled the enchiladas, then topped them with more of the creamy dip. They were sooooo good!!!!! I did make the kids plain enchiladas, though, because they don't tend to eat anything that says it has artichokes in it. It's just something they refuse to try. Oh well!

I still have some dip left that I need to use. That might mean that tomorrow night's dinner will have to be changed, too, since dip will NOT go with Chicken Tetrazzini. I'm going to have to think about that one.....

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Tammy K. said...

All of it sounds yummy! Maybe you can make chicken alfredo with the dip for tonight's dinner? We are having homemade creamy chicken and noodle soup for lunch after church today.

The chicken was free as I was able to bring home three rotissere chicken carcasses (I used them in two meals) that the youth group was going to throw away. I got about 3-4 cups of chicken off of them and many cups of broth. I love free food!