Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Recipe: Bourbon Chicken

The last of the new recipes we tried this week was tonight - Bourbon Chicken. DH wanted to know where the actual bourbon was! :-) I did make a mistake in following the recipe, but it turned out okay. The directions say to reduce the heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Well, dummy me interpreted that with "cover and" included in the wording. After 20 minutes, I wondered why my sauce was so thin. *sigh* So, I dissolved a bit of cornstarch in some cold water and stirred it in which instantly thickened the sauce and didn't affect the flavor at all!

Now, I do have to also admit that I changed the menu plan, as well. I decided as I started cooking that I really wanted it over rice, rather than with baked potatoes, and I couldn't resist turning what was left of the mashed potatoes from earlier in the week into homemade potato rolls. So the rolls took the place of the cornbread (and I DID make yogurt yesterday, too!!). Also, I changed the side to glazed carrots when I realized I had FOUR bags of baby carrots in the fridge! One of the cardinal rules of frugality - be flexible! was it, you wonder? Well, it wasn't Golden Corral's version by any means, but it was good, and everyone voted it a "keeper." My picky youngest tasted it after some coaxing and declared it to be "okay." That and the fact that she ate it were very complimentary! I think next time I try it, I might try changing it up a bit and maybe adding some actual bourbon to the sauce, and maybe some extra brown sugar. Or maybe I'll just keep it as-is and actually simmer it correctly!!! ;-)

Now it's time to start thinking about NEXT week's menu plan. How is it that the weeks go by so fast??? Let me know if you give Bourbon Chicken a try!!


Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

That sounds like a GREAT recipe! I'll have to try it! ;) Over from SITS - have a great day! :)

Annie Jones said...

I think we'll try this one sometime soon!

Minda said...

I'll have to try this. There is a "Cajun" Chinese place in the mall that serves a Bourbon chicken that would probably be close to this one. It has a much thinner sauce than the Golden C version (though I like theirs too). Thanks!