Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My theory

Ok, so I have a bizarre theory regarding my daughter's strange lymph node "infections" of the past three Novembers. If anyone reading this has any information to either support or disprove my theory, I would GREATLY appreciate the comments!! The specialist we saw today acknowledged that it was possible, but stated it was such a remote possibility that he wasn't willing to consider it.

Two years ago, she was fine. On Thanksgiving night, she spent the night at our neighbor's house. They had a nice fire burning in their fireplace most of the evening. She was brought back in a panic that next morning, with the area under her chin swollen TERRIBLY! We rushed to the ER and she was given antibiotics.

Last year, she again spent time at the neighbor's house, again exposed to the fireplace.

This year, we burned our fireplace for the very first time (we just moved here this summer and did not have a fireplace at the prior house) on Saturday night. She woke up Sunday morning with the swelling!

Can this be just a coincidence, or is my daughter having some sort of allergic reaction to the burning wood or creosote that is manifesting itself in her lymph nodes????? I just have a strong feeling that somehow the two are linked. It might just be me grasping at straws to find an explanation, but it just makes sense to me! I did a little online research and didn't find much information, but did find that children with allergies/asthma (she has seasonal allergies) can often react to fires in fireplaces due to allergens in the wood. The most common reaction seems to be a rash, but further investigation found evidence that swollen lymph nodes CAN be an allergic reaction! Anyone have any thoughts?? It makes sense to me, even if the doctor doesn't agree. There won't be any further fires here, just in case. I would much rather be safe than sorry, and if we keep her away from fireplaces and we see no reaction next year, I'm going to really feel like my theory is correct.

I know it's not likely, but it really is the only thing that makes sense. I'm considering taking her to an allergist after the first of the year, just to see what they say. For now, she is simply being treated with an aggressive level of antibiotics for a regular infection. Hopefully it will work, but I think I'm going to treat her with Benadryl, too, just to see what happens.

I wish everyone reading this a wonderful Thanksgiving! And if you're a Black Friday shopper (I am NOT), have a great time and find some wonderful deals. I'll be home with the kids, decorating for Christmas...can't wait!!!


Carey said...

That is not a bizarre theory! People are allergic to the strangest things, and sometimes it can be very hard to pinpoint it. Definitely take her to an allergist. I am 36 years old, and have gone into anaphylactic shock at least half a dozen times. Twice after sweeping my back porch!(?) My allergist still can't figure out why. I know that doesn't sound comforting, but at the very least your daughter will be followed by a professional, and may be told to carry an epi-pen just in case, like I do. Often, these odd allergic reactions can escalate in intensity. Find a doctor who will listen to you.

Debbie said...

I'd take her to the allergist too. It sure wouldn't hurt. You gotta do whatever it takes to protect your kids.

Kristen said...

I was just doing the rounds of blogs and read about your little one. I hope all is better now. I firmly believe that moms know best. We are the ones who see correlations when no one else can. Follow your instinct!

Annie Jones said...

Have you found out anything further? I think it's quite possible she has an allergy to the wood, creosote or just the smoke.