Sunday, November 16, 2008

A new washer and dryer - yikes!

Ok....I can't believe that I did this, but I just bought a new HE front-loading washer and dryer! They will be delivered and set up next Wednesday. I didn't necessarily NEED a new washer and dryer, as my current pair is still working okay, but it was such a good deal that we decided to take the plunge. Sears has a special tonight (from 6-9 pm) for a Samsung pair of front-loaders for only $899 for BOTH. Well, Lowe's agreed to ad match that price. They didn't honor the "plus 10%" that they advertise, but they DID accept a 20% off coupon from Home Depot! I ended up with a nice new HE washer and dryer, with a new power cord and an extended 5 year warranty, for just over $900. The retail on ONE of the units is almost that much!

I sat and looked at the water usage of the new washer and my current one, and with the amount of laundry that I do, my water bill should go down $20-$25 a month, I figure. So, in essence, they will eventually pay for themselves, right? That's my justification, anyway. Now, granted, I did NOT buy the matching pedestals, but I figure if I ever have the extra money for those, I can buy them anytime. For now, I'll be fine with just the washer and dryer - I've so been coveting the front loading units!!

Anyway....I'm a little panicked, knowing that I spent that much money tonight, but I plan to pay for it with the econonic stimulus check that we haven't spent yet. I also have 6 months to pay for it, as they gave me that long for free financing. All in all, it was a fantastic deal, but I think I'm still in shock! Once they arrive, I'll post how I like them (I hope I LOVE them!!!!). :-)


Krisi and Adam said...

Congrats. I heard about that special -- I wish we hadn't gotten ours yet! Don't forget some areas (at least in CA) offer Rebates also. Water company and electric company.

Great deal you got to take advantage of.

We spent 1900 for our set at Costco.

Annie Jones said...

So, do you like them? We bought HE front-loaders in 2002 and I love them. Ours are Frigidaire, I think (without running downstairs to look). Shane built some pedestals for them. :)