Sunday, March 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday, Week of 3/16/09

It's officially Spring Break here, and we have a week of absolutely gorgeous weather for the occasion. I think the "coldest" day is going to be in the 50s - not too bad! This week I've planned a menu around another 10 lb. bag of chicken leg quarters, because I have to free up some freezer space! So you will be seeing a lot of chicken this week. Fortunately, there's enough variety and favorite recipes included that nobody will complain. :-)

Monday - Ham and scalloped potatoes, fried apples, cornbread.

Tuesday - Crock Pot swiss steak, rice, corn, dinner rolls (Pillsbury). We will have been across town all day and I don't think I will have much energy for cooking by the time we get home! I'm also going to cook off the chicken leg q's in the crock pot overnight tonight so I can start using them tomorrow.

Wednesday - Chicken tetrazzini, green beans, homemade rolls.

Thursday - Chicken noodle soup, rest of the rolls (this is the "cold" day). I'm also going to be baking some sourdough bread so it can age for Saturday's dinner.

Friday - Ham and mushroom pizza on wheat crust.

Saturday - New recipe night! I'm trying Chicken and Broccoli Cobbler - this is the recipe that requires the day-old sourdough bread. If you'd like the recipe, just let me know and I will type it into my blog. With the Cobbler, we'll have salad and glazed carrots.

Sunday - Chicken enchiladas, corn.

Should be a good week! For more menu plans, be sure and pop over to OrgJunkie!