Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today is a Day to Celebrate!!!

Happy National Grammar Day, everyone!!! I was so excited to discover this morning that there is actually a website for the holiday, as well as an option to join the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar! I am officially a member!!

Those who know me, know that I am a complete grammarian. I detest sentences that end in prepositions, though I will use them at times, just because it's more socially acceptable. I prefer perfect punctuation and advocate attractive alliteration and assonance. I know that farther refers to distance and further refers to time. I love great grammar and hope to instill a love for proper English in my children. At this point, though, they call me a grammar nut and sometimes use inappropriate infinitives just to irritate me! (okay, maybe that was taking assonance a bit

I have been told several times in the past that I missed my calling as an English teacher. I did seriously consider it back in my school days, but then decided that I would be better suited as a journalist. I took an internship at a local paper in high school and had a bad experience (the man who ran the paper was extremely unpleasant); then I learned the average salary for a newspaper writer. There went that idea! So, somehow I ended up in insurance. Strange chain of events, I know. After all that, I ended up being a mom, and that makes me happier than any other occupation out there!

So, back to National Grammar Day. Are you doing anything to celebrate? I told my kids that I might bake a cake. Yes, that's the same reaction they gave me! ;-) So, I decided that my celebration would be to blog about this fabulous holiday and wish everyone a wonderful Grammar Day! In honor of the day, and just to make me smile, will you modify just one sentence today so that it doesn't end in a preposition? (Examples: About what are you talking? With what does this go? etc.) Yes, it sounds a tad stilted, but it sure does make grammarians like me very happy. It's also fun to look at the face of the person to whom you are speaking as they try to deciper what you just said. Have fun with it!

Happy National Grammar Day!

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Denise said...

I gonna make me some cake to offer in celebratory congrats on grammar day. What am I talking about? What will we serve the cake with? What's it all for?

So, sorry! Couldn't resist. You would be crucified in my house. LOL HOWEVER, my kids would take the cake to celebrate Mud Pie day, as long as the cake was edible!