Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Mail Carrier is a THIEF!!!

We have lived in this house for about 8 months now. In that time, I've had a few things "lost" in the hands of our oh-so-wonderful postal service (HA!). I didn't worry too much about the items because they were smaller things, like a marker pen that my daughter won in a contest and never received and some other similar things. I won a blog contest in November and never received the package I won, and the blogger never replied to my emails inquiring, so I assumed her giveaway was a fraud and she never shipped. Now, I wonder!

I won a big giveaway more recently. The wonderful blogger sent my package, and it never arrived. She is SOOOO kind-hearted that she went out and re-bought the items and shipped again, this time adding a tracking number. Well, according to the number, my package was delivered, but I NEVER SAW IT! The disgusting thing? I'm home all day and I always see when mail is delivered, so I go right over and get it. Therefore I know with great certainty that my mail isn't being taken from my mailbox. On top of this, I also won a Honey Kix prize back 2 months ago. It hasn't ever arrived, either. I guess the carrier decided to steal that, too!

I am so thoroughly disgusted with the post office right now that I could scream! They wonder why people use e-mail nowadays? Because people don't STEAL email! The sad thing is, I don't know if it's my carrier or if it's some sleezeball at the post office distribution center. And I'm sure the post office will just tell me that it isn't their fault and I'm out of luck, because that's just how customer-friendly they are.

Why do people have to be so ridiculously dishonest?????


Denise said...

I hate the mail service! I've lost so much stuff. Checks sent to me I never got. Bills mailed that were never received. Only the government could be so unreliable. Or Best Buy.

Annie Jones said...

I don't think the USPS has stolen anything from us, but we get a lot mail that belongs to our neighbors, so I can only assume that our neighbors get some of our mail, too. Most are good people who would bring our mail to us, but a few would probably either keep it or throw it away.

I sell on eBay and and I always get a tracking number on the packages I send. Ihave never had any problems with domestic mail. I have had problems with international mail, though. :( USPS can't/won't track it in detail once it leaves the country.

Minda said...

A few years ago when I lived alone in an apartment, a mail carrier attempted to deliver a package to me when I was home sick. He kept knocking but would not identify himself when I asked "Who is it?" When I saw him pass the window and realized it was the mail carrier, I opened the door and he treated me very rudely and told me he didn't understand why I wouldn't open the door. Well duh! From that point on, he would never attempt to deliver a package choosing instead to leave a card saying I could pick up the item at the post office. One day I was in the yard in plain sight and he left me an "undeliverable" card. What made it worse was then he took the item back to the post office and marked it return to sender. I have to say his supervisor was super nice in calling Barnes and Noble for me and getting it straightened out.
Oh, and I think he used to read my Cosmos too.

Fresh Mommy said...

OMG, that is horrible!!! I would still issue a complaint... or a few. Just to get it on record is a good idea, no matter what they originally tell you. Hopefully you'll start getting your stuff soon!


Pat/ said...

Dear Janelle,
I would be upset as well. But call the ppot office first and dicuss the problem. If it is the mailman, various people calling will red flag the problem.
It may be a glitch in the addressing. Anyway talk to them and maybe even the delilveryman.
I know I would play innocent and look him in the eye to see his reaction. I would also consider filing a ppolice compplaint--tampering with a mailbox is like fraud.