Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Perfect Getaway!

If you are anywhere even remotely close to the Kansas City area, you owe it to yourself (and your significant other) to check out an amazing getaway spot in Excelsior Springs (about 30 minutes outside of Kansas City, MO). Here is my personal review of my visit! Warning: Extensive gushing and gorgeous photos are ahead!!!

As I mentioned previously, my husband and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. To mark the occasion, my husband decided we should go somewhere special. I started looking on the internet, and I came across The Inn on Crescent Lake. After perusing their website and looking at how beautiful their rooms were, I decided this had to be it. So I booked a reservation, and we spent last night at this wonderful inn.

We arrived a bit before the standard 4:00 check-in time, which I had prearranged with Beverly, the sweet and charming innkeeper, and walked up to the front door, where we buzzed the intercom as the instructions advised us to do.

Beverly was very upbeat and welcoming when she opened the door, and showed us to a table at the foot of the large stairwell where we filled out a quick form. We then received a tour of the grounds and were shown to our room. Even the stairwell suited the old world feeling:

Sadly, I forgot to take photos of the actual room (what a dummy am I!), but all the rooms we saw were even more lovely than they appear in the photos on the website!

After settling in a bit, we decided to wander around and headed for the wooded 22 acres that we had been invited to enjoy. The main path just looks so intriguing, doesn't it???

We walked along the path, which was surrounded by trees and the beauty of nature. Here are some more scenes:

Of course, I definitely have to show you the lake! After all, it is the Inn on Crescent Lake, you know. The Inn is surrounded by two beautiful crescent-shaped lakes. I took a few shots.

As a guest, you can go out on the lake. There are two paddle boats and a bass boat that are available to use. There is also a wonderful two-person hammock along the shoreline for relaxing and cuddling. :-)

The grounds are absolutely beautiful and the flowers are abundant. It is so obvious that great care is taken to keep the flowers looking their best. I enjoyed taking photos of the gorgeous gazebo area:

And here are some of my favorite flower pictures:

And how about the pool?? I've never been to a Bed and Breakfast that had a full-sized pool AND a hot tub! It was perfectly maintained and provided for a delightful time on a hot, humid late spring day in Missouri! Care for a dip??

And the hot tub was just as refreshing once the temperatures cooled down and evening settled in. A bottle of wine, some chocolate covered strawberries, and a bubbling hot tub makes for a picture-perfect evening!

So are you intrigued yet??? Doesn't this place look absolutely fabulous????? And it's just as beautiful inside as it is outside! The living room is a wonderful gathering place. We relaxed there and chatted after it was too dark to enjoy the grounds. The living room is lushly decorated, and is complete with a piano. There is a computer for guest use, as well as a reach-in cooler filled with complimentary sodas and wine-for-purchase.
Nice fireplace, eh?? It felt so cozy!

Just off the living room is the solarium, which is the ideal spot to enjoy your breakfast in the morning. We sat right in front of the house's original fountain and appreciated the tranquility of the soft sounds of water as we feasted upon cinnamon swirl french toast, crispy bacon, fresh pineapple and banana, coffee and orange juice. Isn't the fountain beautiful?

Above the tile fountain is lovely decor:

And the rest of the solarium exudes charm and elegance. The window seat is lavishly adorned with pillows and decorations, and the windows are classic antiques that just add to the charm of the Inn.

That's our cooler in the last photo. We actually brought along dinner for the evening before and had enjoyed it in the solarium. A storm appeared to be moving in, so we decided against the original plan of a picnic outside. Beverly encouraged us to enjoy the Inn as if it were our own home, and we definitely did so!!

Okay, are you convinced yet??? Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I could say a million! :-) The Inn on Crescent Lake is the most unique bed and breakfast I've ever seen. It has a little bit of everything, and the level of hospitality is beyond what you could expect. You can even relax in the living room while perusing the owners' photo albums of their various trips around the world. They share their precious moments with you as if you were family. They also have a few wedding albums on display, and the weddings they have hosted at this Inn are nothing short of perfect! It would be an amazing romantic setting for a wedding or even a vow renewal. Beverly sweetly asks that you relax and rejuvenate during your stay, and you definitely will!

Take a look around the website and pick a room. Then make your reservation right away! The prices are incredibly reasonable for the rooms, ambiance, and hospitality. There are two suites on the top floor, the Crescent and the Ballroom. The second floor holds most of the remaining rooms, except for the Garden Room, which is on the lower level and has a private entrance. We stayed in the Casbah room, which had a cool retro bathroom complete with a brightly-colored clawfoot tub and black and white ceramic tile. And don't worry....there is also a very modern shower for your convenience! In the main room there is also a hot tub just for two. It's quite romantic!

I really do recommend that you check out the Inn on Crescent Lake. I know this post has been quite lengthy, but I believe it was worth it! Just one night at this Inn will make you feel like you've been away for a week! It's so worth the trip. Don't miss it!!!!

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