Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Insurance Companies - GRRRR!

Okay, so I should first confess that I used to work at an insurance company. I was the "evil one" who sat in the corporate office and decided who got coverage and who didn't, and who qualified for a discount. I even cancelled insurance on folks who I thought deserved it! But, since I HATED the company for which I worked, I'm done with the insurance underwriting gig. I do, however, have experience with insurance companies, and yet I still hate them!

I've been going round and round with our dental insurance on a lousy $50. Basically, DH's company changed companies on March 1st. DH saw the dentist on 2/27 and then again on 3/7. BOTH companies charged the $50 deductible. Since we had paid it on the first visit, we weren't supposed to pay it to the second company - this was in the guidelines. But do you think they will fix it?? HA!

I obtained a copy of the original EOB from the first company and forwarded it immediately to the new company. Today I found out that wasn't enough. Are you ready for this? Met Life (the current/new company) is requiring ME to send THEM a copy of THEIR OWN EOB!! Excuse me?? Um, can't you do your job and press a button on your little computer there and print it? Nope. However, and get this - they will print it out and mail it to ME and then let ME send it back to THEM. HUH?? Does this make a speck of sense to anyone??????? And they stand firmly on this - there is no budging.

So, I have to get a copy of the EOB. Should be easy, but guess what? Met Life has the wrong address for us. And know what? I'm not allowed to change it myself! They require me to contact the employer who will then contact them and change the address. After this is done, then I can call Met Life AGAIN and request AGAIN that they mail me the EOB. It's so stupid, it's almost laughable!

Now, to make matters even MORE fun, there is an option for me to print the EOB from the website. Because I'm frustrated with these ridiculous people, I decide to try and navigate the website. After trying and trying and trying, I finally called their technical support unit to find out why the website won't work. Turns out that because I previously had insurance through Met Life (with my aforementioned insurance company job), and now had coverage through my husband's employer, their system had cross-matched the social security numbers and blocked me from accessing the site! Gee, I guess nobody EVER uses the same company more than once in a lifetime without forging their social security number. You do it right, and they block you!!! Sheesh!

So, I'm still fighting over this deductible thing. I'm starting to think it isn't worth the $50. I know I'll be glad when it's over (presuming that it ever gets fixed), and thrilled to see the $50 credit on my bill, but why do they have to put me through the wringer like this?????

Anybody else hate pointless insurance company red tape???????


Elizabeth said...

Bless your heart! I feel your pain b/c I used to work as CSR at a large insurance company. I got fed up w/being cussed at (almost daily)b/c the company made their customers jump thru so many hoops to get a claim paid. Now I have a little different tone when I have to call and I'm on the other side of the phone! Hahaha...

I hope you get this mess straightened out soon. Don't give up! $50 is $50.

Annie Jones said...

If I were you, I wouldn't give in. Just on principle, you know?

We are very fortunate with our (Shane's) insurance carrier. There are almost no hoops to jump through. And believe me, I DON'T take that for granted.

Tammy K. said...

I feel your pain. I received a new bill today from my Dr for $419. I had alresdy pre-paid them $319 so I called to ask why they had not credited my account for the pre-payment. They said we were not sure what charges the payment went towards. WHAT!!!! I only have the one charge for surgery. UGH! They finally agreed to apply it towards the bill...How wonderful of them!