Monday, June 8, 2009

The Things Kids Just Don't Realize

This morning, I looked out the patio door and over toward my disaster of a garden. I haven't posted about it because it's been little more than a nightmare since I started it. Long story short, the guy who tilled it for me did a terrible job and I have so much grass in there that I just can't keep up with it. There are also a multitude of insects and other pests that are making a mess of things, but it is showing SOME signs of life!

Anyway...while peering out, I noticed some yellow blossoms on my struggling cucumber vines. I was very excited, and told my 9-year-old daughter (okay, so she won't be 9 till Friday, but STILL!) that I had some blooms on my cucumbers. I was excited, but she was non-plussed. She informed me that she hated cucumbers and was sad that the garden was only producing things she doesn't like (the cukes and the squash appear to be surviving so far). I shook my head and told her that she wouldn't mind the pickles if I got enough cucumbers to make them. She looked at me in total disbelief. "Pickles are CUCUMBERS??!!??" More than once since then, she has commented, "I can't believe I actually like cucumbers....." She even told her brother about the link between cucumbers and pickles. He's 13 and he didn't know, either! He was almost as aghast as she!

Isn't it funny, the things we don't realize that they just haven't figured out yet??? Maybe it's good to keep them at least a little in the dark....


Minda said...

I'm with your daughter! I hate cucumbers, can't stand the smell, the sight, the sound lol. But I love pickles. I try not to think about the fact that they are cucumbers ;)

Anonymous said...

The cucumber/pickle situation is not as sad as children thinking milk comes from cartons or bottles instead of cows.
Live and learn something new everyday as they say.