Saturday, June 27, 2009

You Can't Beat Free Meat

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember back in March when my DH was given a whole ribeye that we made into several meals (it was actually a trade for another food item). Well, yesterday the same guy showed up at DH's work and gave him a whole top sirloin and a rack of ribs. This time it wasn't even a trade! Isn't it wonderful when something GOOD happens unexpectedly??

Today, I googled how to carve that particular beef mass, and together, we ended up with one roast (that will make two meals), 5 meals worth of gorgeous top sirloin steaks, and a bag of sirloin tips. I did some of the carving myself, just to see if I could do it. I'm so thrilled to have eight free meals, and top sirloin, even!! Oh, and I also have those ribs, which two of my three kids absolutely love, so that makes 9 meals worth of meat.

I've modified the menu plan and in lieu of the roast that I had scheduled, we feasted on grilled sirloin steaks (that were unbelievably tender....we obviously cut them RIGHT!), "fried" apples, tater tots, and homemade bread. It was a fantastic dinner, and definitely better than a pot roast!!! :-) That steak was GOOD!!!

The kids have already requested ribs on my next menu plan, so I have one meal figured out for next week. Now I just need six more....


Michelle said...

yum! and hurray for free meat!

Rachel said...

Can't get a better deal then that! Yummy!!!