Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Even the Little Things Add Up

When it comes to saving money, we usually focus on the bigger things like gardening, eating less meat, shopping at the no-frills store, using coupons, etc, etc, etc. You know the drill, and probably practice most of those already. But don't forget about the little things that might only save you a bit here and there, because they do add up!

The other day, I was at my favorite thrift store and I came across an oil spritzer from Williams Sonoma for a quarter. It's one of those that you fill halfway with olive (or other) oil and then pump the lid and it sprays out. I couldn't resist buying it because it's in mint condition and the price was a steal! I've already used it several times instead of my standard generic no-stick spray.

It may not seem like much, but when each can of no-stick spray is $1.29, and the large bottle of oil is $2.29, I will save a lot of pennies over time. And when I combine that little change with others that I make every day, it really is a decent savings! Every small amount you save adds up over time, and eventually you will have your grocery bills down to a level of which you will be very proud. Reminds me of an old commercial jingle....."Little things....mean a lot."

On a complete side note, I have had the most wonderful evening! I finally got back in touch with a friend I have not talked to for FAR too many years (and became re-introduced to my Godson, who is now a shocking nineteen!). We had a wonderful conversation that I hope leads to many more, and I also hope we can rediscover the close friendship we once had. Shortly after we hung up, I received an email from my daughter's first grade teacher last year. I had written her with a classroom idea I had. Not only did she love the idea, but she told me that I was thinking like a teacher. I consider that a heck of a compliment!! It's been a great night and I can't stop smiling!!!!! Hope yours has been great, as well!!

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Annie Jones said...

I've used one of those oil spritzer things for years; wouldn't dream of going back to the stuff in the can.

I agree little things add up...a lot. Sometimes instead of dollar amounts, if a person looks at the percentage saved, it becomes more clear.