Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Good Trip to Hen House

For the first time in weeks, Hen House had a decent ad! For those of you not in the Kansas City area, Hen House is a local chain of stores that doubles coupons up to .50 every day. They market themselves as a high-quality store, and their prices reflect this quite well, particularly in the meat department. The only meat I buy there is the half-price deals I find first thing in the morning if I can get there early enough. Today wasn't one of those days! :-) However, I did manage to walk away with some great deals, including some fun snacks for the 4th.

I didn't get any photos (sorry), but the problem is that I have an upstairs fridge and freezer and a downstairs fridge and freezer. I also store some food items on the top of the deep freeze downstairs, so by the time I get upstairs (where my camera is), a lot of my groceries are already put away. So I can't show you, but I can tell you what I got today. Here we go:

20 packets of unsweetened Kool-Aid (.07 each sale)
2 4-lb bags of sugar (sale $1.89, used 2 x $2/1 wyb 10 Kool-Aid)
3 cans Van Kamps Pork & Beans (sale .39, used .30/3)
French's Honey Mustard (sale $1.47, used .50/1)
French's Yellow Mustard (sale $1.47, used .50/1)
4 bags of Chex Mix (sale $1.50, used 2 x $1/2)
Cheerios Snack Mix (sale $1.50, used .50/1)
2 dozen eggs (sale .78)
Belfonte sour cream (sale .99)
2 bags Kraft cheese cubes (sale $1.49, used $1/2)
Gallon of skim milk (had $1 off sticker)
2 Cool Whip (sale .88, used $1/2)
2 Breyer's Ice Cream (sale $1.99, used 2 x $1/1)

I paid $16.22 for all this! I didn't think that was too bad. My receipt says I saved $34.50, which reflects coupons and card-member sale prices (they are a must-have-a-card-to-get-sales store). Now I have cheese cubes and snack mix for our weekend outing. I will also be making a lasagna for the event and hopefully tossing a salad with the variety of greens out there in my mess of a garden. I will be feeding 9 people for not a lot of money - yay!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Michelle said...

wtg Janelle...looks like good deals! I sorta felt the same way today at Hy-Vee- 3 big ole bags of stuff for 9 bucks.

Being thrifty is such a fun game, sometimes, huh? ;)