Thursday, July 9, 2009

Home Grown Goodies

I got some goodies from my garden today! I'm not going to get much out of it this year, but next year should be a completely different story. This fall we hopefully will get the grass issue under control so I can plant nice rows next year and have a much more effective gardening space. For now, though, I will take what I can get and be thrilled!!

Today I picked one perfect zucchini squash, one very nice yellow squash, a cucumber, and one tiny little roma tomato. I'm not sure yet what I plan to do with them, but I'm sure thinking I might change the menu a bit and have a stir-fry! That or I will just have a platter of steamed zucchini for lunch today or tomorrow - I love squash!!

Along with this, we've picked enough green beans for three dinners and cut some lettuce for salads. All in all, not too bad for a mess of a garden that keeps trying to turn itself back into a lawn!!

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Annie Jones said...

I'm impressed!

We haven't had any tomatoes ready yet, but they are starting to get some color.