Sunday, July 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday, Week of 7/13/09

Last week I discovered a new cookbook. Okay, so it had been on my shelf for awhile, but I had never even leafed through it, so I can still consider it a discovery! :) It's called "Desperation Dinners" by Beverly Mills and Alicia Ross. All the recipes are said to be made start to finish with no prior planning, in 20 minutes flat. I don't know about that part of it, but some of the recipes looked appealing to me. It is very rare that I actually follow a recipe; I simply use them as guidelines and do my own thing. This week, my menu is focusing on several recipes from "Desperation Dinners" with my own twists. I don't have many links right now, but I can definitely post recipes if anyone would like me to!

Here is my plan for the week, loaded with LOTS of new recipes:

Monday - Drunken Chicken with rice, green beans from the garden (for the kids), steamed zucchini from the garden (for the parents), the rest of the sourdough bread I baked tonight.

Tuesday - Moussaka in Minutes, "fried apples," Cheddar Corn Cakes.

Wednesday - Sloppy Joes (this one isn't new!), home fries or tater tots (depending on my mood), corn.

Thursday - Tuxedo Chicken over pasta, glazed carrots, homemade rolls.

Friday - Our traditional pizza night. I'll have some alfredo sauce left from making the Moussaka, so I think I'll do chicken alfredo pizza.

Saturday - Heartland Rice and Beef, corn, Sour Cream Biscuits.

Sunday - Tempting Thai Chicken, Fragrant Rice Pilaf, garden salad, breadsticks.

That is EIGHT new recipes! I don't think the kids are going to know what to do with that many new things on the menu! We're all interested in trying the Moussaka recipe, as DH is the only one of us who has ever eaten eggplant. I'm sure we'll like it!

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Algebra Teacher said...

I used to have that cookbook. I may have to try and find it. Knowing me, I probably never used it and decluttered it right out the door. Good luck this week! They were good recipes and very easy.

Tamara said...

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday sound especially good, would you mind sharing the recipes?

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Ooh I will have to revisit when I have time to copy menu plans :) Thanks!

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