Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trip to Aldi

I made a much-needed trip to Aldi today for some basics and some produce. This won't be my only shopping trip this week, but it's a start! I had planned to buy some of their .29 peaches, but apparently that's in the past. They wanted .59 EACH for very small peaches. That's crazy! So I'll either buy them at another store for .99 a pound or live without them this week!

Here's what I bought at Aldi:

10 lb. russet potatoes - $2.99
Broccoli crowns - .99
2.2 lbs. bananas - .84
6 lbs. cherries (Did you read about my jam fiasco? I'm hoping to get a good batch out of most of these) - $8.94
1 lb. baby carrots - .99
1 bag corn chips - .99
1 bag pretzel sticks - $1.29
1 bag tortilla chips - .99
1 bag nacho rings - $1.19
2 bottles pancake syrup - $2.78
4 cans green beans - $1.96
32 oz. container yogurt - $1.59
2 bottles lemon juice - $3.70
2 cans evaporated milk - $1.50
(not pictured) 1 gallon milk - $2.20
(not pictured) 3 dozen large eggs - $2.07

My grand total was $36.53. I was shooting for $35, so I didn't think that was too bad! That still leaves me with plenty in the budget for the good deals at Price Chopper and HyVee. :-)

I will post the rest of my shopping as I get it done. Update: I've been to HyVee - go HERE to see that shopping trip! And go HERE to see my Price Chopper deals! Want to see more grocery shopping reports? Check out the Grocery Cart Challenge. This is my first time linking up to the weekly shopping reports.

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