Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Closer to Christmas

I know....not even Halloween yet and yet I'm talking about Christmas. Yep, I'm one of those people who decorates every room in the house and already has 90% (or more) of my shopping done. I love Christmas, but I prepare for it!

Allie over at Curves with Attitude is having another Christmas giveaway. Check it out at and tell her you heard about it here!

This week is all about ornaments. I do have a lot of ornaments for my trees, but one stands out in my mind. It's not the prettiest ornament, but it's certainly very special. It's a little stuffed fabric bell, about 4 inches high, and it's made of a 70s Christmas fabric. So why is this special to me? Well, it was given to me by Miss Miller, my first grade teacher. I'm not going to tell you what year that was!!! That little bell has been on my tree every year for many, many years. When I got married and moved out, that was the only ornament to which I laid claim. Miss Miller was my favorite grade school teacher and it's very neat to be able to think of her every year at Christmas. I'd love to know where she is now. Hmm...maybe this year I should try to locate her. It can't hurt to try, right?

So what's your favorite Christmas ornament? Do tell......


Candace said...

That is funny one of my favorite ornaments was one a teacher gave me as well. I wonder if they realize what an impact they had on us!

Vickie said...

I love Christmas ornaments and we like making different ones each year. Take Care :)