Sunday, October 26, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - 10/27/08

This is going to be one BUSY week!! I'm hoping I can keep up with all my commitments and family meals. I'm also hoping the electrician actually shows up as scheduled this time, although 5 cancellations would indicate otherwise... I've never worked anywhere that let me call in "sick" for three straight weeks!! Anyway, here's the plan!

Monday - French dip stuffed bread (finally using up the last of that roast!!), potato salad, stuffed celery. That should be easy enough for DH to feed the kids, as I will be helping to set up the teacher's Christmas Wish Tree at my daughters' school from 5:00 till whenever.

Tuesday - Meatless meal: Pumpkin french toast, fried apples. This one's almost a freebie, as DH brought home a loaf of sourdough and 2 HUGE cans of pumpkin pie filling from work, along with the restaurant's recipe for the french toast - yum!!! I'll be volunteering as a teacher's assistant most of the day, HOPEFULLY meeting the electrician in the afternoon (ha!), and then taking the kids Trunk or Treating after dinner.
(Note to self: Cook chicken leg quarters in the crock pot all day to shred for the next few nights!)

Wednesday - Chicken noodle soup and rolls. Today's going to be interesting. Somehow I have to manage to volunteer at the school sorting fund raiser merchandise from 10-1 or so and still have a dessert and 5 dozen homemade rolls at the school for the teacher's dinner by 5:00.

Thursday - Chicken quesadillas and chicken taco salad. I had a change in last week's menu (flexibility is a key of frugality!) and didn't have the quesadillas then, so I moved them to this week with chicken. The YMCA Boo Bash is this evening!

Friday - Chicken alfredo pizza. We've decided to go back to our old Friday night homemade pizza tradition. The kids love it, and it's an easy and inexpensive dinner. Tonight is trick or treating, of course! It's not even going to be overly cold, so it should be a fabulous night!

Saturday - Carlin's request: Homemade macaroni and cheese, corn, applesauce, and biscuits. I'll make enough mac and cheese for another pastitsio, as everyone absolutely LOVED the leftover version last time I tried it - go figure!

Sunday - Pastitsio, green beans, pumpkin cornbread muffins. And maybe the Chiefs will actually win a game today?? Yes, that IS funny!! :-)

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Tammy K. said...

I can help with the rolls by sending you my overnight refrigerator recipe.