Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday, 10/20/08

Already Monday again?? Wow....where does the time go? It seemed like the weeks absolutely dragged back when I was working (and hating it) and now time just flies by, even if we are broke! :-)

The kids have planned their breakfasts for the week this week, which should be helpful. So, here's the full plan for the week:


Apple oatmeal muffins
Cereal and peanut butter-banana smoothies
Cinnamon raisin bread (baked overnight in the bread machine so it's fresh/warm)
Cinnamon toast and peanut butter-banana smoothies
Pop Tarts
Muffins (not sure what type yet)


Monday - Jack's Ranch Chicken, rice, corn.

Tuesday - Cheeseburger soup in sourdough bread bowls (Jordan has been begging for this!).

Wednesday - Spaghetti red for DH & I, Frito chili pies for the kids, cornbread. DH will make the chili, because for some reason the kids will only eat it if HE makes it! Then off to a Boo Bash with the kids - not sure what it is, but it sure sounds fun! :)

Thursday - Crock Pot roast with potatoes and carrots, homemade sourdough bread. It's supposed to be cold and rainy and that should hit the spot!

Friday - Pizza w/ leftover beef from last night. I'll make a whole wheat crust in the bread machine. This has to be an early dinner as we are supposed to be at a Trunk or Treat event by 5!

Saturday - Taco salad (using any leftover meat from the roast, as we always have a lot of meat left) and quesadillas. I will also make "appledillas" for the kids, which they love! It's tortillas cooked with a little cream cheese and applesauce and cinnamon inside - yum!

Sunday - Campbell's chicken and rice bake, green beans, biscuits.

It feels good to have a plan! Today I have to go to Aldi with a long list of perishables, since I didn't go to Aldi last week! I'm also going to try a new store on Wednesday that someone told me about the other day. It's supposed to be a discount grocery store, and their website says they double coupons on Wednesdays up to .50! I'm so there on Wednesday!!


Tammy K. said...

I know what you mean about the week just dragging by when you are doing something you dislike. Like you I just quit the part time job I did not like. YEAH!!! I cannot wait to once again have the time to slow down and really focus on my frugal ways! The menu sounds yummy. I wish I would have meat left over, but with my crew of 8 there never seems to be any left after they lick the pot clean!

Annie Jones said...

What/where is the discount grocery store you mention here?

Also, appledillas sound great!