Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Works for me - and my laundry

I'm posting my first Works for me Wednesday post. I thought I'd share my most important laundry tip. I can get almost any stain out of clothing. Sometimes it takes a little work, but I've even gotten out old, dried in stains and used to remove even soy formula from baby clothes!

Here are my three essential pretreaters:

1) Homemade stain remover: One part lemon-scented ammonia, one part Era laundry detergent, one part plain white vinegar, and one part water. Use this for most regular run-of-the-mill stains.

2) Aqua Net hair spray. Use this on ink based stains. Place the item on a paper towel or cleaning towel and saturate with spray. Gently blot. The stain will go away. Note: this also works on permanent marker when a toddler colors on the walls, but that's an entirely different tip!

3) Dawn dishwashing liquid. Yep, dishwashing soap! This one is my salvation in the laundry room!!! Any sort of greasy type stain comes right out when a little Dawn is rubbed into the stain. And things like spaghetti sauce, chocolate, and red Kool Aid will come out with a combination of Dawn to break them down and the homemade stain remover to take out the color.

The only other thing you need is a small brush (cleaning or nail brush). I've used the same one for years - it was less than a dollar.

With these tools, you will have the cleanest laundry on the block!! My husband is a restaurant manager, and he comes home with very unique stains, but I get them out! Let me know if these things work for you!!!


Jenna said...

Thank you; I will have to try these!

Coco said...

Thanks for the tip I will have to try this. Nothing says stains like messy 9 mo old boy!