Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mom's Corny Snack Mix

My kids got several of the "popcorn hands" at their fall parties at school. They had been sitting on the kitchen counter since Friday after school, so today I decided to see if I could make them more interesting. I dumped them in a bowl and came up with a simple snack mix which all three of them declared a "keeper." I have to admit, the combination of flavors was pretty good. It has been deemed "Mom's Corny Snack Mix" and here's what you throw together to make it:

Popped popcorn
Corn chips
Candy corn (I used 2 flavors - regular and caramel apple)

That's it! If I had to guess, I'd say it was 3 parts popcorn to one part of each of the other two items. It was definitely a hit, and no more popcorn hands lingering on my counter!

I know this isn't a very exciting recipe, but it gave me an excuse to pop upstairs and blog! :-)

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Tammy K. said...

I'm for anythig that gets the kids to eat what we have in the house. Good for you!