Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My blog title

This is my first real attempt at starting a blog. Let me tell you, it was tough coming up with a name!! I tried several that were already taken, and then gave themonkeyroom a try. Surprise! It was available! So I thought I would start my blog with a brief explanation of how I arrived at that particular title.

We've recently moved to a much nicer home in a better part of town. It's been a wonderful change, and we're so much happier having three times the space we used to have! But, I digress...

Shortly after we moved, we visited Target and were looking at one of the endcaps in the domestics area. There were a bunch of bathroom items there, all of a monkey theme. The kids said that they wanted to decorate the bathroom with monkeys. In what I believed to be my most sarcastic tone, I stated, "Yeah, that's what I want - a monkey bathroom!" Well, the entire family (hubby included) took me seriously and the kids became extremely excited about having monkeys in the bathroom. So....we ended up buying the monkey shower curtain, floor rug, soap dispenser, etc. I now have monkeys all over my bathroom!! I toned it down just a touch with lovely chocolate brown towels and palm trees on the walls. Although it wasn't what I intended, it really did turn out great, and the kids still love it!

So....I have a monkey room in my house. In essence, it was a family design, and it represents a lot to me. I have called my kids my "monkeys" for a long time. It just suits them, and suits our family. I'm proud to have a monkey room!!! :-)

Stay tuned for hopefully some interesting information....I'm still deciding what direction my blog will take. Check back to find out!!!

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inmykitchen said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I enjoy reading others' blogs, but don't blog nearly often enough. I do enjoy keeping up with my food blog. I hope you'll take a look. I loved your story about your monkey room. That is just too cute!